Hormone Balancing

Hormones are important chemical messages used by every cell in our body to communicate. Hormones regulate energy, healing, metabolism, mood, and more.

Having balanced hormones makes a person feel great. They ensure proper brain functioning, provide positive energy, ensure good sleep, and sustain ideal weight. Bringing hormones into balance is an important part of chronic disease management and necessary for healthy and happy aging.

In most situations we recommend beginning a hormonal health program with hormone testing. After a detailed initial consultation, the best testing for your situation will be suggested, and may include blood, saliva or urine testing. We use the most current and advanced hormone testing possible.

There are many treatment options available for hormone balancing. Therapies that are frequently recommended include acupuncture, bio-identical hormones, detoxification, herbal medicine, homeopathy, IV therapy, nutrition, and stress management.

Exercise, good nutrition, sleep support, and stress management greatly help when it comes to hormone health. Optimizing digestion and the liver is also important for the detoxification of hormones. These factors and other important health issues are addressed in our hormone balancing programs.