Heavy Metal Challenge Test

You’ve just had your mercury amalgam fillings out, you’ve been exposed to other toxic substances or you have unresolved health issues that have not been explained with normal medical tests. You should consider taking the Heavy Metal Challenge Test.

Ask about an assessment of your heavy metal status, including a detailed history, pre-chelation preparation, and a heavy metal challenge test. Our challenge test will indicate if heavy metals are slowing you down or are a potential health risk, which metals are the problem, and what to do about it.

Chelation means ‘to bind’. A metal detoxifying agent binds to heavy metals and pulls them out of the body through the urine where they can be measured and compared to a pre-challenge measurement.

Get rid of toxic heavy metals that are trapped in your body. Heavy metals have no useful physiological function in our bodies. In fact high levels of one or more heavy metals can result in serious health risks.

Arsenic, Aluminum, and other heavy metals can also be screened for, and are treatable!

Cadmium: destroys the kidneys, and is often seen in smokers.

Mercury: Dental fillings and environment have negatively affected the health of many people. Mercury in any amount is extremely toxic to all nerve cells and those exhibiting high levels of mercury often feel much better after our mercury chelation program.

Lead: Many people have high lead levels and don’t even know it. Leaded gasoline, paint, pipes, and more have been linked to immune, mental, and neurologic symptoms. Menopausal women often have higher lead toxicity, as the lead stored in the bones is released with loss of bone density.

Prior to the challenge we ensure your body is ready for chelation therapy. Our assessment will decrease risks associated with heavy metal removal, and prepare your organs of elimination. If you are sensitive, we will modify a program to suit your needs.

The type and number of treatments will be indicated by your heavy metal challenge test results.