Patient Testimonials

I have had Athlete’s Foot for five and a half years and it had never gone away with the creams I used.  I had also chosen not to use too much over-the-counter medications on it due to fear of antibiotics getting into my system.
And then one day, a friend recommended that I see Dr. Lim at Kinetic Patterns clinic to have my Athlete’s Foot treated and after my third session at the clinic, my Athlete’s Foot is almost completely healed!  I am recommending anyone who is being afflicted by Athlete’s Foot to come to Dr. Lim at Kinetic Patterns to receive the Laser Fotona treatment.

Kasey M.

Twenty three years ago I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (S/A) and rheumatoid arthritis (R/A). After years of short term relief through massage, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and long term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), I was frustrated. Four and a half years ago I started to consult with Dr. Ara Elmajian and his team. The approach included biological dentistry, a naturopath, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and a medical doctor. Using DNA testing, harmful periodontal microbes were identified and then treated. I also had both of my root canals removed that were very toxic. To complement the dental work, I have used neural therapy, prolotherapy, original isopathic, homeopathic, biological and energy medicines, dietary supplements, intravenous, and ozone therapies.

I continue to see results. I consider it an investment in myself. The saying, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything” rings true for me. My pain has decreased substantially. I have more energy. I have increased mobility. My quality of life has improved! Dr. Elmajian and the other health professionals have assisted me in immeasurable ways and I believe more good things are in store for me too!

Gail K.

Approximately fifteen years ago I had a tumor removed from the fourth ventricle of my brain. The operation lasted for approximately eight and one half hours. During the operation I was placed in a sitting position with my head and neck bent forward to allow access to the operating site which was at the base of my brain where the spinal cord and the brain intersects.

For three to four months after my surgery, with the slightest movement of my head, all the food from my stomach would find its way back the same direction that it entered my stomach. As a result of this painful and unpleasant experience, my autonomic nervous system kicked into action with a clenching of my teeth, which triggered a lockdown of literally all the muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back.

This reaction from my autonomic nervous system became my new norm in order for me to eat a normal meal with some degree of comfort during and after a meal. What became very noticeable was that the clenching of my teeth produced problems for my teeth such as cracking, and grinding. The tightening of the muscles in my neck, shoulders, and upper back caused problems with pain upon movement, outside of a very narrow range for my head and neck. My back felt as if I was carrying around a one hundred pound sack of potatoes on my shoulders all the time. (I have to admit that I have never carried a hundred pounds of potatoes on my shoulders as an actual experience in real life.) I felt tired and drained of energy all the time. My balance was off kilter.

The above condition lasted from my operation in February 1999 to February 2013, when I was referred to Dr. Elmajian by my Dentist. When I went to see Dr. Elmajian he immediately diagnosed the problem and suggested that I undergo a series of treatments of (Myofascial and Neural Therapy). The treatments allowed the muscles to move for the first time since 1999 without severe pain. The injections were accompanied by a series of prescribed daily exercises which conditioned the muscles to establish a new pattern of normal activity without fear of being accompanied by an impending unpleasant experience.

Upon my first visit to see Dr. Elmajian, while I was explaining my symptoms to him he was literally completing my sentences for me. That was when I knew I had finally found the right health care professional, for my particular condition. As a patient this gave me a tremendous amount of trust and confidence from the very beginning.

After fourteen years of the above condition, and just one year after my first visit to Dr. Elmajian, I am free of the stiffness in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I can do exercises now that I was not able to do for fourteen years, my balance is back to normal, and the one hundred pound sack of potatoes is no heavier than my winter coat during cold weather.

Malcom M.

I first came to see Dr. Elmajian about two years ago. Before this, I had seen numerous dentist, doctors and specialists over the course of years for a TMJ and muscle problem of unknown origin. All these doctors could not help me or come up with any treatments.

When I first saw Dr. Elmajian I could open my jaw maybe 5mm, the muscles were frozen and I was in considerable constant pain for 75% of the time and taking painkiller all the time.

With Dr. Elmajian’s treatments I have seen great improvements. My jaw now opens up considerably more and stays that way longer; the jaw muscles are much looser and getting stronger and the levels and duration of pain are down immensely.

I look forward to continuous improvement in my treatments. I truly thank Dr. Elmajian and his staff for all the help and support they have given me over the last two years and look forward to a brighter future because of him.

Norman T.

Thank you Dr. Elmajian to you and your team for helping my body heal itself! After 18 months of working with various traditional specialists, your approach to ‘rebuilding’ me from the inside out gave me what no other set of treatments did… natural, non-invasive, and lasting results. I especially appreciate how you took the time to educate me on treatment options along the way, and included me in the decision-making process. Keep up the great work.

Rob K.

When I arrived at Dr. Elmajian’s office I was desperate. Trigeminal neuralgia is a pain so prolific and unforgiving that it consumes a once calm and happy mind. The pain was like a shock of electricity between 80 – 120 volts into my face if I tried to speak, brush my teeth, eat or smile. I was on 2 oxycontone and 8 hydromorophone a day in an attempt to reduce the pain.

We were hopeful. I knew I was in the midst of true compassion, true heartfelt sympathy and true understanding.

Dr. Elmajian did several treatments and after the forth one, the next day I woke up and was completely free of pain. One year of agony was over. I am forever grateful of Dr. Elmajian I consider him a national treasures.

Annette J.

I would like to thank Dr. Elmajian and his talented team of health care providers for giving me back my life. After many visits to multiple medical specialists, my life’s focus had deteriorated to surviving the next 5 minutes. Today, under Dr. Elmajian and his team’s care, I am able to look forward to living the rest of my life pain and infection free.

There are no words to describe the difference in my health and wellbeing except for Thank you!

Linda P.

I became a patient of Dr Elmajian when I moved to Vancouver 30 years ago. I had suffered terribly from health problems caused by years of poor dental care, bordering on the abusive. I didn’t know that dentists could have hands and expertise like Ara.

I required full mouth reconstruction and I still have the original crowns… a testament to his skill. I am allergic to the anesthetic so he found alternative ways to manage my pain during this major ordeal… a testament to his sensitivity and caring.

As the years passed Dr Ara continued to study and has always been on the cutting edge of new science, and new modalities for dentistry and medicine.

About 10 years ago my son contracted SARS and almost died. The fever ravaged his body and compromised most of his systems. This strong athletic man lost 6o pounds, was too weak to climb stairs and felt that his mind didn’t work properly, lack of concentration and memory. Dr Ara designed a course of recovery for him and treated him at the clinic, Kinetic Patterns, employing his brilliance, creativity and science to rebuild my son from the inside out. It took many months but eventually he was back to his vibrant strong self… a testament to Dr Ara’s life long dedication to learning more ways to help and heal.

If I or anyone in my family has health or dental issues we immediately go to see Dr Ara. I consider myself blessed to have this gifted, honest and sincere man in my life.

Susan D

How does a person who suffered with a chronic illness for 14 years say thank you to the people responsible for restoring your quality of life. One small token of appreciation I can offer is to share my experience and the amazing results I received from Dr Ara Elmajian and Associates medical treatments. The complete support team and staff gave me the life changing gift of great health and quality of life.

My story is long and painful, being misdiagnosed for fourteen years with Fibromyalgia only to eventually find out I really had Lyme disease. During these fourteen years I had a list of symptoms far too long to list, but the main symptoms were chronic pain all over, fatigue, and serious dental issues and TMJ pain. To my fortune I came across Dr. Ara Elmajian’s web site. I made an appointment, that was the day my life started to change; it only took an examination, and Dr Elmajian’s very researched and educated explanation that convinced me to clean out the infections in my mouth.

The dental work Dr Elmajian performed on me went well. As the infected teeth were dealt with I received a set of partial dentures with a wedge for my TMJ. I returned home that day and to my amazement within 48 hours, my fatigue improved by 80%, I couldn’t believe how well I felt. Taking all that infection out of my body gave my system a chance to stop fighting and I could now start to use that energy for enjoying life. It is now three years later and I have more energy than most people I know. I can hike five hours, work eight hours of physical work, and best of all I can keep up with my young grandchildren. To this day my family and I are thrilled and amazed, because only a few years ago I spent many hours a day in bed. I could hardly handle even having my grandchildren or husband touch me due to the physical body pain. After the dental work I followed up with other treatments that Dr Elmajian recommended, all taking my overall health to a better level than I had felt for so many years.

The friendly, kind and complete approach to the care I was given is truly beyond words. The only way I can show my gratitude for having my life back is to spread the word. I feel like I have been reborn.

Dr Elmajian in my eyes you are a genius and I am forever grateful for your desire to learn, teach and provide amazing treatments to those of us that have suffered. You have an amazing team. In all my years of trying to find successful treatment your complete approach to health care has been number one and by far the most effective. The only complaint I have is that you don’t live next door to me, but the travel to see you has always been more than worth it… Thank you my friend…

To any one reading this, I wish you the happy ending like I have had.

Yours truly,
Christine H.

I have worked at Kinetic Patterns Clinic with Dr. Elmajian for many years as a TCM practitioner and I have witnessed many remarkable recoveries of patients with health issues. Although I already have an understanding of the importance of treating the body as a whole and the overwhelming impact an oral condition can have on a person’s health, I have now lived through this understanding myself.

From June – September 2015, almost 3 months, I suffered from extreme fatigue, migraine headaches and muscle pain from old injuries that had resurfaced. Based on Chinese Medicine my pulse indicated weakness of all my organs and even the flow of my urine was weak.

I sought the help of our Kinetic Patterns team. I had many blood tests. None of which the results could explain my fatigue and weakness. As many other patients have reported, my life both personally and professionally was being affected by this situation. I no longer had the energy to do my daily routines, my dancing and my chores at home.

I also went to see an intuitive healer, thinking perhaps, I have psychosomatic problems that are causing the symptoms. That was not the case.

Dr. Swetlikoff performed a Vega test on me, which indicated that there was a problem somewhere going on in my head. I had had a root canal performed six months earlier and a panoramic x’ray 1 month ago that did not show any signs of infection.

Dr. Guggenbichler, one of our dentists suggested that I have a 3D scan of the root canal area and this time there was indication of infection.

In early September Dr. Elmajian extracted the tooth, which was a complicated situation but with his gentle expertise it went very smoothly.

Literally, a few hours later I felt so much better and now my life has returned to normal.

Jeni L.