New LDA Treatment for Lyme Disease

LDA/ LDI (low dose immunotherapy) is now available to treat chronic Lyme disease. It is in the early stages, but it looks as if it could be the most dramatically effective treatment for Lyme- without any antibiotics.

LDA has been around since the 60’s as an allergy treatment, an easy and effective way to desensitize your body to various allergens. Over time it became clear that it could also be used to desensitize the body to different bacterial infections, decreasing autoimmune reactions (being called LDI when not treating allergy) It was this same principal that lead to the discovery of desensitization for chronic Lyme.

The cause of illness in those with chronic Lyme is not just the presence of bacteria in the body, but the immune activation against those bacteria; that is what causes symptoms. LDI desensitizes your body to the Lyme organisms, induces tolerance, so your body can stop reacting and feel well again. This is a different treatment model than most are used to- it does not involve antibiotics or herbal antimicrobials- just immunotherapy.

This is done with injections of low dose (homeopathic) Lyme organisms, combined with beta glucuronidase, the special immune moderating enzyme which increases immune regulator cells. The regulator cells retrain the immune system to not react to the organisms. The Lyme mix contains Borellia, Bartonella, and Babesia, so confections will also be addressed. Other formulas available for desensitization include foods, inhalants, yeast, chemicals, Lyme organisms, and other bacterial mixes.

Most patients respond to the first to third injection, with few side effects. Start your treatment with an initial consultation, then plan for an injection every two months for the first year. (6/ year) After that injections become much less frequent. For those who are out of town, the injections can also be mailed and given sublingually (as drops under the tongue) and the initial consult done via phone or Skype.