Genetic Testing – Optimize Your Health Based On Your Genetics

By decoding nearly 40,000 genes in the human body, the Human Genome Project opened up an entirely new spectrum of knowledge, offering tremendous potential to improve health.  By evaluating a carefully selected group of genes, genetic testing offers a glimpse into your potential health future. You can now evaluate your unique genetic predispositions, and work with our clinic to implement a targeted, customized intervention plan before disease develops.

Many people mistakenly assume that the presence of a certain gene means they are destined to experience the associated disease. This in not true! Most genes have flexible expressions and often are influenced by modifiable dietary, environmental, and lifestyle factors. This testing gives you the ability to modify the expression of disease years before a condition might otherwise develop, thereby minimizing your potential risk.  It can influence the ultimate outcome and more actively promote a healthy life.  Genetic testing can identify your predisposition to a variety of conditions, including the ability to detoxify, adverse drug reactions, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, neurological disease, osteoporosis, susceptibility to heavy metals and toxicity.

Virtually all diseases result from the interaction of genetic weakness with environmental factors – including chemical, emotional, infectious, nutritional, and physical factors.

Genetic variations themselves do not cause disease but rather influence a person’s weakness to specific environmental factors that increase disease risk.

We are now offering a series of Predictive Genetic Diagnostic Profiles. Each profile focuses on a carefully selected set of genetic variations associated with a particular disease or imbalance as for example, bone metabolism, cardiovasculardetoxification, immune, etc.).

These profiles focus on genetic variations whose expression is influenced by environmental factors. Each profile contains suggestions based on the patient’s genetic pattern to reduce risk including dietary, lifestyle, nutritional, and pharmaceutical interventions.


  • Challenging Cases- for chronic diseases that arise from multifactorial causes.
  • Familial Testing- for identifying inherited risks within families.
  • Predictive Testing- for more precise, proactive health risk screening.

Your genetic profile identifies DNA variations that may affect your ability to detoxify specific toxins and medication, create inflammation in your body, and increase your cardiovascular risk. Working with your healthcare provider, you can develop a personalized treatment plan that matches your environment to your genes, in order to optimize your health.