Dr. Jeni Lim – Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Jeni Lim

Dr Jeni Lim is a licensed doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine. She received her graduate degree at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. Prior to coming to Canada, Dr. Lim worked as a licensed medical doctor in Indonesia for over ten years.

Dr. Lim combines both eastern and western knowledge to treat physical symptoms as well as spiritual aspects of her patient’s condition.  Her thorough knowledge of the body and her rich past experience with patients gives her full understanding of both sickness and health.

Jeni offers many forms of treatments including acupuncture, esoteric acupuncture, auriculo-therapy, Chinese herbs, facial rejuvenation, mesotherapy for beautification and pain, ozone therapy (including major auto-hemotherapy), scar tissue and trigger point injections, and chelation . Dr Lim has also recently completed training for various medical laser treatments.  She considers all aspects of her patient’s well being, and strives to bring health to body, mind, and spirit.