Our Doctors

Our office is internationally renowned for diagnosing and treating chronic illness. It is unique in its multidisciplinary approach whereby a patient can be assessed and treated by a wide range of professionals who work closely together to individualize that patient’s program.

Dr. Elmajian is the owner and founder of this unique clinic, which over the years has expanded to encompass a full service holistic practice combining dentistry and medicine. These two diverse practices are directly affiliated with one another and are crucial to Dr. Elmajian’s philosophy and approach to treating his patients.

As head consultant, Dr. Elmajian oversees and directs patients from one discipline of his clinic to the next based on an individual’s diagnosis and needs, drawing also on the expertise of the various professionals he has working on his team as well as referring practitioners.

Based on his Old World upbringing where dentistry and medicine were not two separate entities but rather two overlapping systems that influence one another it was a natural progression for him to link the highly technical North American model of dentistry with the rest of the human body. Through his years of practicing dentistry and keenly observing his patients he has discovered the extreme importance and impact of the oral condition on a person’s health. His work and research has led him through the many facets of Dental Medicine incorporating multiple modalities into his arsenal of natural therapies for his patients. These range from using biocompatible dental materials to treating TMJ dysfunction and its connection to the entire structural harmony of the body. It is also well documented that oral infection can have an impact on systemic health affecting and often creating disease in different organs of the body. Dr. Elmajian along with his team has the combined knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat conditions ranging from simple dental procedures to the complexity of chronic illness and pain.

At the “Dental Office of Dr. Ara Elmajian and Associates we provide a wide range of dental services including preventive care, restorative and prosthetic dentistry, TMJ therapy as well as oral surgery and implantology.

At the Medical Clinic “Kinetic Patterns” our team provides an extensive scope of complementary medical services such as medical consultations with our physician and naturopaths, a variety of diagnostic tests, preventive and supportive IV (intravenous) therapy, orthomolecular Medicine, myofascial therapy, neural therapy, prolotherapy, ozone therapy, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Our patient’s needs are as diverse as our services and we strive to individualize every persons treatment program depending on their concerns, needs and diagnosis. Many of our clients are referred to our clinic by other practitioners. We work closely with the referring practitioners to provide a smooth transition for the patient. All of our clients have access to all of our dental and medical services and are welcome to a tour of our facilities.

Our practice is based on a desire to give our clients the information they need to make them aware of the choices that will enhance their health and wellness.